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Broadband Opportunity – Urgent response needed by all residents!  November 2023

The CTC Broadband company is working with the township board to seek funding and grants to make High-speed broadband internet a reality for residents of Clinton Township.  Letters and emails of support, expressing the need for fiber optic in the township is needed from as many individuals as possible from Clinton Township ASAP, before the December 4th deadline.

Please include your name, address, and reasons why you, your family, and/or your business would benefit from high-speed broadband internet. It’s helpful to specifically address the lack of and/or unreliability of your current services. Commenting on how broadband would improve opportunities for farming, business, education, healthcare, business, safety, income/economics, or other significant items specific to your life, is beneficial as well.
   Letters of support should be addressed to:
         Office of Broadband Development
         180 E 5th St Suite 1200
         St. Paul, MN 55101
Completed letters can also be emailed to anita@goctc.com or mailed to  CTC at 8 Third Avenue NW, Crosby,
MN 56441.

Please see the attached letter from CTC for more information:  CTC Broadband Grant LOS request – Clinton 11-10-23

St. Louis County Proposed Railroad Crossing closures in Clinton Township

The Township Board attended the St. Louis County Proposed Railroad Crossings Workshop on October 24th  in Cotton.  The county presented reasonings for closings and proposed bridges.  Effected townships were able to express their concerns about the crossings and opposed most of the proposed closures.  We will provide more information as we receive it.

The Clinton Community Building and facilities parking lot paving has been postponed until further notice due to contractor scheduling. 

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